Which One of Africa’s Countries is Best for a Self Drive Safari?

You Have More Options Than You May Think!

Africa is a huge continent with every country offering its own uniqueness. Whether it is cultural, language, landscape or wildlife each and every country differs significantly from one to another. South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Botswana – these are some of the clear favorites.

Deciding which country to visit can be a little daunting. Sure, countries in East and Southern Africa may have some broad similarities in wildlife, landscape and urban development, but they also have their individual quirkiness and unique attributes.

The question bids which African countries are the best for self drive safaris, taking in the plethora of landscape, cultural diversity and uniqueness? The short answer is no single country will give you, the traveller, a real feel for the diversity of Africa, it will however, potentially immerse you in the culture and beauty of that particular country.

Which introduces the concept of multi country self drive safaris. These guided self drive tours are gaining in popularity as travellers have read about, seen documentaries or trawled the internet for information about different African countries and have written a wish list of places they want to discover. In most cases these incredible places of interest are in different countries scattered between Cairo and Cape Town!

It can be difficult to access reliable information about multi country self drive safaris as most travel agents will simply encourage you to hire a vehicle in a single country so not to have to deal with the bureaucracy of crossing international borders and insurance. Which is very unfortunate as this robs you the opportunity to do and see so much more. More than you ever imagined possible.

Multi country self drive safaris are a real possibility and something that will greatly enhance your travel experience making it even more diverse and enriching.

So whether you are after a single or multi country self drive safari we have compiled information about what we believe are the best countries for self drive safaris to help you decide what is best for you.

Organising a multi country safari on your own can be quite daunting and the internet is full of contradicting information from blogs written by one off travellers. Africa is dynamic and what may be true one day is totally different the next. Africa Expedition Support takes away the guess work, we know what is needed to cross borders, how to secure permits for game parks, the best places to stay and current road conditions to name a few. We take away the stress of planning a self drive holiday and provide a full service throughout your safari. We have done the research for you offering enticing itineraries that truly reflect the best of the African continent so you have peace of mind and a far more rewarding self drive safari experience. After all this may be your only trip to Africa, so why not make the most out your travels and truly encapsulate the diversity and uniqueness of each and every African country.