Our budget African safaris are booked and operated through us, Africa Expedition Support only. Therefore no agents fees, no commissions, no unnecessary costs that at the end of the day you pay for in your trip price – we have wiped these off the equation! Saving you money!

By using an overland safari truck with up to 22 seats we can reduce the cost per person to the absolute minimum.

As we don’t know what your preferences are, all activities are optional and you pay direct to the local operator as you go. This saves you money as again there are no unnecessary bank charges, transfer fees, exchange rate loses, credit card charges (unless you use your credit card) as you are paying directly to the operator.

Besides we don’t know whether you prefer being scared to death by a lion in the Masai Mara Game Reserve or throwing yourself off a bungee tower over the Nile River!

  • Our budget African safari are no frills but lots of fun exploring East Africa as it really is.
  • Our budget African safari are 100% camping, in some places you can upgrade if you don’t want to camp.
  • Our budget African safari are group travel with a minimum of 10 and maximum of 22 per group.

These trips are designed for people like you, energetic like-minded travellers who want to make their dollar go as far as possible and only to the activities that you really want to do.

Part of the fun is everyone pitching in to help with basic cooking (don’t worry your crew will be on hand to make sure meals are fab!), putting up and down your allocated tent and generally keeping the truck as neat and tidy as possible.
You are also expected to bring a sense of humour and common sense.

What you get for your hard earned money on a budget African safari?

  • Transport in a fully equipped overland safari truck, open sided for best game viewing
  • Inward facing seats so you can talk to each other instead of staring at your phones all day
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Camping accommodation at well-equipped campsites (some have WiFi, most have bars, hot showers and flushing toilets)
  • Tents (2 people sharing)
  • Services of a highly experienced leader/driver while travelling
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner (except during some optional activities) due to the nature of the trip lunches will be basic i.e. sandwiches, pasta salads, fruit salads etc
  • Lots of fun
  • Lots of interaction with fellow travellers
  • Lots of interactions with the locals
  • Real insight into Africa

Prices start from USD$740

Does this sound like you? If so then choose your Budget African safari

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7 days
15 days

Check out our FAQ for more information or email Debs info@africaexpeditionsupport.com for details