Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page.  Here you can find out all you want to know about our fun-filled, adventurous budget African safaris.  Of course as always feel free to email Debs any questions you may have that are not covered here.

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Budget Overland truck safaris general questions

  • Q: I have looked around and your trips seem too cheap? How have you done this?

    We have adjusted a few administration costs by accepting direct bookings only.

    We have also taken out paying travel agents enormous commissions, stopped listing our trips on expensive websites, introduced a unique payment system, reduced international bank transfers, lowered considerably foreign exchange losses.

    At the end of the day every fee, transfer cost, credit card surcharge etc is passed to you – the client. You end up paying for services you never see and don't get any value for.

    By removing these annoying expensive administration costs we are able to offer you a superb product at a truly budget cost.

  • Q: What is the minimum and maximum group size?

    The minimum group size is 10 participants and maximum is 17 participants.

    So tell your friends, spread the word and fill up the truck!!!

  • Q: Who books these trips? Am I going to get along with the group?

    A young adventurous crowd make up most of our groups, of course there is no age limit and we have had some 60 year olds who have been the life of the party!!!

    But mostly ages range between 18-35 years old

  • Q: Do I have to be over 18 to book this trip?

    You sure do! If you are under 18 and want to come along on one of our budget overland safaris then you have to bring someone who is over 18 along with you who is willing to be your guardian!!!

Travel Conditions

  • Q: Is travelling to Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania safe?

    We are asked this a lot and while I could go on about the dangers anywhere one travels in the world we all know travel has some risk.

    The reality is Thiemo and I (Debs) run and operate our business from Kenya.

    If this was not a safe country we certainly would not live here and would be the first to move back to our respective home countries of Germany and Australia!

    Sure while the media like to make a “meal” out of any African country the reality is millions of people live in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania without any problems every day.

    The biggest threat to most travellers is petty opportunistic theft. We have all heard the stories of someone being pick-pocketed on a train in France, or ripped off on your credit card in Spain or given fake notes in Russia when changing USD$.

    There is always the risk of being ripped off, or having your valuables stolen, however if you are a savvy traveller and don’t “advertise” your valuables you are already one step ahead.

  • Q: What is the climate in East Africa?

    It is pretty awesome!!!

    As we are on the equator we enjoy little variation in temperatures year round.

    Typically this is what we enjoy ;) December, January and March are our warmest months with day temperatures between 25 and 32 C; April, May and June day temperatures range between 23-28C, July and August 18-24C, September, October and November 23-28C.

    It can get a little cool at night down to 10C (this is rare but can happen).

    For those booking our Safari and Beaches or Adventure, Safari and Beaches trips note that the night we camp at the Ngorongoro Crater it can be pretty darn cold with temperatures reaching 3C!!!!

  • Q: What accommodation will we be staying in?

    We will be camping on these trips.

    We stay at some pretty awesome campsites with large grassy areas, electricity, bar and/or restaurant, hot showers and clean toilets.

    Some places have WiFi, laundry facilities, swimming pool, table tennis and darts! We supply spacious waterproof tents comfortably sleeping 2 (either a couple or 2 of the same gender).

    We know not everyone wants to camp so at most campsites there are options to upgrade to a dorm or room accommodation. All you do is pay the difference between the cost of camping and the cost of dorm or room! Too easy!!

  • Q: Are these trips physically demanding?

    No, not at all! Of course if you want to white water raft the Nile River then you do need some level of fitness but to participate in this trip you don’t need to be an athlete.

    As these are budget trips don’t expect concierge service or someone to carry your bags for you; you will be putting up and down your tent and carrying your bags in and out of the truck. So as long as you are capable of doing that then you are good to go!

  • Q: What transport do we use?

    We have a fleet of unique custom built overland safari trucks that can take up to 21 passengers – they are built for fun and interaction!

    Our vehicles are homes on wheels! They are self-sufficient with their own fresh water tanks, tents, camping chairs, tables, extensive kitchen and storage space; as well as a stereo with an amp for music, internal and external lighting, fridge or cooler box, medical kit, fire extinguishers and firewood locker to name a few of the amazing features. Occasionally we will use smaller registered tourist 4x4 vehicles for certain activities where it is not practical to use the larger overland trucks.

Meals, Allergies and Staying Healthy while on a budget African safari

  • Q: Do we have to cook meals?

    Our budget safari trips are participatory meaning you will be helping to shop at local markets, cook meals, do the dishes (sorry no dishwasher!) and keep the truck – your home – clean and tidy.

    You won’t be expected to cook every day, we split the group into smaller groups that works on a rota system.

    We have been running these trips for a long time and know that not everyone is a great cook, don’t worry, our crew are there to give a huge helping hand in shopping for food and the kitchen ensuring every meal is hearty and tasty.

    We have even written a couple of camping cookbooks to make your life as easy as possible.

  • Q: What are we likely to eat on a budget trip? I mean, will we be eating rice and beans every night for dinner?

    No way will you be eating rice and beans every night for dinner!

    Would you be surprised if I told you to expect anything from homemade lasagne, fresh crunchy salads, beef fillet wrapped in bacon, BBQ chicken with herbed couscous, nachos with fresh homemade guacamole, tower burgers loaded with the works to wood fire pizza for dinner?

    You will be amazed at the variety, quality and quantity of food we will prepare from the freshest tastiest ingredients available.

    We have written a cookbook that is on the truck to keep the group inspired, meals varied and tasty.

  • Q: Are meals available for those with food allergies or intolerances? What about vegetarians?

    Yes, absolutely.

    We have quite a few recipes up our sleeve to cater to all sorts of dietary requirements.

  • Q: What vaccinations are required?

    Yellow Fever and Covid vaccinations are compulsory for East African countries (don’t forget to bring the certificate!).

    For all other vaccinations it is best to refer to your local Travel Doctor or GP.

    We strongly recommend taking tablets to help protect you against Malaria. Malaria is a serious illness however it is also easily prevented as long as you follow a few basic principles; like taking anti-malaria tablets, along with covering up arms and legs from dusk to dawn and use a reliable insect repellent spray (DEET based is best).

Insurance, Docs and Planning your budget safari

  • Q: How can we keep in contact with mates and family back home?

    Cell (mobile phone) coverage is pretty extensive, far more than other parts of the World.

    Some campsites have WiFi so you can connect via your phone to home or social media to update your facebook page, post pics on Instagram or tweet.

    If you need constant contact then you can either sign up for a roaming package from home or buy a local SIM card when you arrive at the airport.

    In case of an emergency our office in Nairobi operates 24/7 and can contact the road crew and ensure a message is delivered and vice versa.

  • Q: Do you recommend a hard suitcase or soft backpack for luggage?

    We only allow soft backpacks or soft bags for this style of travel.

    The locker space in the truck is designed for soft packs only.

    Besides as you will be the one carrying your own luggage on and off the overland truck you want something that is easy and practical.

    The ground surface in campsites is usually uneven grassy surfaces, a suitcase, particularly one with wheels is simply not practical.

  • Q: Do we need visas for East Africa?

    Yes, visas are required for Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

    Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda visas are available by applying online.

    For most nationalities the visa costs are: Kenya - USD$50 Uganda - USD$50 Tanzania - USD$50 (note USA passport holders pay USD$100 for Tanzania)

    Kenya and Uganda are in the process of changing over from visas being issued at point of entry to being available online.

    South African’s staying in Kenya for 28 days or less don't require a visa. Those staying more than 28 days require a visa costing USD$50

    It is handy to note Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda have introduced a joint visa called the East African Visa, this costs USD$100 and is available at point of entry and allows for travel throughout the 3 countries over 3 consecutive months.

    For all other nationalities and up to date visa information please refer to Debs at info@africaexpeditionsupport.com

  • Q: Are there charging facilities available?

    Yes, most places we stay have charging facilities. East Africa works on 220/240 volts and 3 pin English plugs therefore you may need to pack a plug adaptor and those from North America will need to bring an adapter to convert 110 to 220 volts.

  • Q: Are there ATMs? Can I use my credit card?

    There are ATMs at the airports, cities and major towns. However sometimes they run out of cash or the system crashes so if at all possible try not to rely on them for all your spending money!

    Credit cards can be used for some Optional Activities however they often attract a surcharge of anything between 3-7%!

    Most Optional Activities are best paid for in USD$ cash.

  • Q: What languages are spoken in East Africa?

    English is widely spoken across Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania particularly when in tourist areas.

    Swahili is the most common local language spoken in Kenya and Tanzania amongst dozens of other languages.

  • Where do I meet the trip when I arrive in Nairobi and where do we finish? Who do I contact if I want to book accommodation before or after my trip?

    In Nairobi we start our trips from Karen Camp, off Marula Lane, Karen.

    You can check it out www.karencamp.com

    In Bagamoyo we finish our trips at Fire Fly Lodge and Camp www.fireflybagamoyo.com/

    To book additional accommodation we recommend contacting the campsite directly.

Costs and Payments

  • Q: How much spending money will I need?

    This is easy, add up the Optional Activities you want to do, then think about how many beers (av price $3-5), sodas (av price USD$2-3), 1 lt bottles of water (av price USD$2) you will drink each day, add on budget for souvenirs, then allow an extra USD$20-40 per day for extras like laundry, snacks, WiFi (some places charge). There you have it!

    Or you can simply add up the Optional Activities you want to do and then allow yourself $20-50 per day for extras!

  • Q: Will we have an opportunity to buy souvenirs?

    Yes, there will be several opportunities to buy souvenirs.

    There is a vast range of locally produced curios (souvenirs) including soap stone sculptures, traditional kangas (sarongs) and Masai blankets, handmade jewellery, wooden carvings and various other trinkets.

  • Q: Are there laundry facilities?

    Yes, there are chances to do laundry along the way.
  • How do we book a budget African safari?

    If you want to book a budget African safari then fill in the contact form or email Debs at info@africaexpeditionsupport.com and she will email you the forms to complete.
  • How far in advance do I need to book?

    Our budget safari overland trips are very popular especially during holidays. The sooner you book the better.
  • Do I need travel insurance?

    Yes, you do need travel insurance.