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Africa Expedition Support and our partners are committed to ensuring Personal Information you share with us is protected by our Privacy Policy and only used for specific purposes. Our website uses cookies, not many, but cookies nonetheless. This helps us understand and respond to your needs better. Below we have outlined what information we collect, how we collect it and what we do with it, so you can make an informed decision about sharing information with us.

What Personal Information we collect

Africa Expedition Support collects personal information from you in order to facilitate a smooth booking process, provide relevant information pre trip departure, and ensure your trip runs as efficiently as possible.

The type of information we collect includes your name, date of birth, passport details, physical address, email address, contact phone numbers, dietary requirements, nationality, international flight details, next of kin contacts and medical information relevant to the style of travel. Depending on the nature of your request we may also collect information about travel and accommodation preferences, destination information, payment information, preferred activities, travel insurance details, physical abilities and pre and post trip questionnaires.

Africa Expedition Support collects information relevant to our guided self drive trips specifically relating to your driving experience, driving permit and any restrictions or past traffic offences, physical/medical attributes or any other information that may be relevant to your safety, the safety of the group, local driving laws, local and international insurance policies, Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and relevant government agencies.

Personal information is collected for everyone included in the booking either directly, through you as the trip enquirer or through a third party (i.e. travel agent) acting on your behalf.

Personal information such as your name and email address is collected if you opt to sign up for our newsletter however you may use a pseudonym. In some circumstances additional information like full name, contact details, email address and nationality are collected if you participate in promotional activities or enter a competition offered by Africa Expedition Support.

In order to provide a better service Africa Expedition Support may ask for additional information, for example if you tell us you are Gluten Intolerant we will ask for more detailed information about your condition in order to ensure we have the relevant facts and to keep you well and healthy throughout your trip.

The information we collect from you is only what is relevant for us to provide you our services and products as requested.

From time to time Africa Expedition Support may take photos, video and voice recordings of you while travelling with us, all participants travelling with Africa Expedition Support authorise Africa Expedition Support to use this material for advertising and marketing purposes including our website, newsletters, brochures, blog and social media sites. You may also provide us with photos, videos and voice recordings and by doing so you are authorising Africa Expedition Support to use this material for marketing and advertising purposes. If you do not wish for this material to used then please notify us at

What we do with your Personal Information

Africa Expedition Support collects personal information to better understand you – our client – so we can tailor our products to suit your needs, provide you relevant information about our products and services as requested, facilitate the booking process and allow us to continuously assess and evaluate our products through feedback mechanisms.

Your personal information also helps us to tailor our information to you. For example South Africa has recently changed its immigration and visa policies for minors accompanied with or without an adult. By you disclosing to Africa Expedition Support that you are travelling with your nieces and nephews who are under 18 years of age means we can provide you the relevant visa information or direct you to your local South African embassy to obtain the applicable information and therefore prevent issues or delays upon entering the country.

Africa Expedition Support uses information collected from you to assess our products and improve our services and support to our clients. This may be done through formal feedback forms and questionnaires after you have completed a trip with us or through informal mechanisms like meeting for a coffee or a meal before you fly home. This information is vital for us to keep abreast of client expectations and the ever changing tourism sector.

In some cases information may be used to assess your ability to participate in a trip with us. Some of Africa Expedition Support’s unique products require a certain level of fitness and ability. From time to time we may deem, from the information provided, that a certain trip tour enquired about may not be suitable and can therefore offer alternatives that are better suited.

It may be necessary for Africa Expedition Support to book products or services on your behalf with one of our partners for example additional accommodation pre departure, hot air ballooning in the Masai Mara or airport transfers etc. The information we disclose to our partners is only what is absolutely necessary in order to complete the booking process and ensure the services are confirmed on your behalf.

Africa Expedition Support will never disclose your personal information to any third party that does not provide professional tourism services or products on our behalf directly relating to your travel arrangements; unless we are required to by law to the appropriate authorities that is directly related to your travel arrangements or in cases where we reasonably believe unlawful activity has occurred and personal information is required in order to facilitate an investigation.

Protecting your personal information

Keeping your personal information protected is a priority for Africa Expedition Support. We have implemented various security procedures to prevent your personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure, interference and modification.

Please note while we make every effort to protect your personal information no information provided over the internet can be 100% guaranteed.

Accessing and updating personal information

At any time you want to access the personal information we hold about you or request information to be updated you can do so by emailing Subject to Africa Expedition Support being satisfied with your identity we will comply within a reasonable timeframe. If for some reason we deny access or correction we will inform you of this decision and the reasons.

Unless otherwise informed we will assume the information you supplied is correct and up to date.

Opting Out

If at any time you no longer want to receive communication, special offers or other promotional material from Africa Expedition Support, simply let us know.

To unsubscribe from our e-newsletters you can click on SafeUnsubscribe at the bottom of the newsletter and you will automatically be removed from our mailing list and will no longer receive e-newsletters.
From time to time we may use other mechanisms to communicate special offers and promotions. If you no longer want to receive any communication from Africa Expedition Support then email

How we collect information and obtain consent

Africa Expedition Support collects information through a number of channels including our website contact form, contact with our main office (email and phone), booking forms, pre-booking questionnaires, pre-trip questionnaires, post trip feedback and questionnaires and/or through our travel agent partners and/or a third party you have instructed to supply information on your behalf. This is not limited to the booking only but also during the enquiry stage whether or not it leads to a booking.

We obtain consent through a) verbal permission b) written permission via email, mail or online contact form c) third party consent (travel agent or third party you have authorised to act on your behalf).

For some services like exploring our website you don’t need to disclose any personal information and can happily browse anonymously, and signing up to receive our e-newsletters you can opt to use a pseudonym. However for us to accept a booking or provide a service we will require some personal information.

Should you decide to withdraw your consent prior to the completion of our services then Africa Expedition Support may not be able to fulfil our product or service contract with you.

Complaints and Comments

If you have a complaint or comment about how Africa Expedition Support has collected or dealt with your private information then please email highlighting your concerns.


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Privacy Policy updates and changes

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